January 5, 2009

follow up – rss subscription: Outlook & IE handle secure/non-secure feeds differently?

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from earlier blog post on our institution’s internal portal:

“Odd, was unable to add an rss feed into Outlook for a blog on the now-secure My Simpson portal (https protocol). However, could add the https feed in Internet Explorer 7 (IE). Interestingly also, I can’t see a way to go back and look at the feed url in Outlook, but you can see it in the feed properties in IE. And apparently adding a feed in Outlook also adds it into IE, but deleting it from Outlook does not delete it from IE.

However, I don’t want to have to go to one place to check email (Outlook) and another to check for RSS feed updates (IE), I want to and have previously been able to manage both of those in Outlook 2007. So I tried removing the ‘s’ from the ‘https://…’ rss feed url, to add it into Outlook, and it worked! It subscribed me to the now-secured blog, using the unsecured http protocol. Seems like odd functionality, though, and I don’t know what the implications might be to using http to subscribe to an https feed. Hmm.”

So by now I have learned at least some of the implications.  For one, the RSS Feed folder in Outlook does not update from the blog on the https site (https requires authentication).  It doesn’t get the new blog posts.  If there are existing blog posts in my RSS Feed folder in Outlook, I may have to re-authenticate on the https site in order to read the rest of the post/read it on the https site.  So it doesn’t really work.  Bummer.


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